Mistakes Lonely People Often Make


They hide from the world because they’re embarrassed about being lonely and having no life People you don’t live with really can’t tell all that well how much of a social life you have or not. More than that, even if they do have a hunch that you may not be up to all that [...]

How to Improve Your Social Life: 6 of My Favorite Timeless Tips


Today I’d like to share a few of my favorite timeless tips for improving your social life. Here are six of them. 1. Be wary of building walls. “People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.” Joseph F. Newton Men The ego wants to divide your world. It wants to create barriers, separation and loves to play the comparison game. The game where people are different compared to you, the game where you are better than someone and...

How to Make Friends And Get a Social Life


A fairly common social issue people have is that they’re not sure how to make friends and put together a social life for themselves. There are quite a few ways someone can find themselves in this situation: They’ve moved to a new city and don’t know very many people yet. They’ve been in a long term relationship and have let their social life wither. Their old friends have slowly been dropping out of the picture (moving away, busy with work...

10 Characteristics of Successful Relationships


In my couples therapy practice, I’ve seen a myriad of relationship styles. People who come in for counseling are clearly looking to change something they see problematic in their partnership – and hopefully take home a few helpful relationship tips and tools. The problems range from poor communication – to resentment and trust violations due to infidelity and all sorts of issues in between. Filtering through all of this, I’ve identified ten characteristics of successful relationships. These qualities are integral...

Seven Habits of Highly Successful Couples


Keeping intimate relationship alive requires strength, motivation, and a little something called love. We are guilty of basing our romantic beliefs on fairytales. The problem with happily ever after is there’s more to ever after than meets the eye. To hold on to Prince Charming, Snow White has to be willing to do more than sing with the bluebirds. If you are willing to put forth the effort to keep your relationship alive, then developing the following seven habits will...

Healthy Relationships and a Healthy You


It’s been said that no man (or woman, for that matter) is an island. And it’s true: good relationships are essential to our happiness and emotional health. Our relationships can affect our physical health as well. Indeed, one thing researchers know for sure is that our ability to feel love and intimacy is what keeps us well. Study after study has shown that loneliness is a risk factor for disease, and that relationships have a positive effect on everything from...