What You Need To Know Before You Shave Your Head

While you were younger, the only thought about shaving that you may have known concerns your sideburns and, perhaps, your chin. As you grow older, however, you may have greater concern about the hair on your head, especially if you are a descendant with a gene that caused several relatives to lose hair quicker or have experienced protruding hairlines as they age. Fortunately, men of today have long embraced the idea of masculinity that celebrates baldness and everything else that was considered different before. If you are still deliberating whether you will join the pack or not, it is best that you understand these things before you shave for head.

Shave Your Head

Reasons Why Men Would Rather Go Bald

Going bald can either be a chance or a choice. There are those who get have their head shaven as they have no other reason not to do otherwise. Perhaps, you have seen your hair started to think way earlier than you have thought. Maybe, it is the medication that you are taken that had lost much of your hair to fall off. Or, maybe, it’s an incident that caused you most of your hair.

If you are reading this then you could have probably just opted to shave your head. Whatever the reason that you are now bald or have decided to be hair-free, you will understand how liberating it really feels to be with no hair on the head after all. Being hairless gives you the freedom to be the real you.

Congratulations then and welcome to the club!

Some Tips for Bald Head

Whatever your reasons for exposing your melon, these tips will help you in your goal of keeping a slick and appealing baldhead.

1. Have the shortest cut before buzzing (about 1/4 of an inch). It will be easier to manage the shaver or manual razor, whichever you prefer if it’s cut that short. If not, some of your hair may get snagged by the razor and it will be awfully painful when that happens. You don’t need to have a perfectly cut hair, just make it short enough for the razor to slide through the contours of your head comfortably.

2. Baldhead is low maintenance and not a no-maintenance style. You will definitely need fewer products to keep your head looking great, but it does not mean you won’t need anything until the next buzz. To keep your head looking slick all the time, you will need a baldhead care kit that should contain the essentials for keeping an awesome melon.

3. You will need to pamper your head before shaving. You will need a clean surface to start with. Use a shampoo for bald head and exfoliate your scalp before running a razor into it. This will give less time to worry about skin infection or rashes since you started off with a clean and softened scalp. (more…)